Your favorite summer dress can walk you right into fall

Fall is here and it’s time to transition your summer wardrobe.  I have a hard time with this every year because spring and summer are definitely my favorite seasons.  I am not a fan of of cold weather, and would much rather live in jean shorts and t-shirts year-round.  But like it or not, temperatures are dropping (at least in WI).  I am not quite ready to part with the bright colors and whites that go along with summer just yet and I am always looking for ways to keep a pop of color in my fall wardrobe and continue to wear shorts until it’s in the 50s.

Keep Your Summer Dresses on Standby 

Grab a leather jacket. I prefer brown for fall because of its warmer tone; it can easily be paired with a more vibrant summer dress like the above. Add tall boots or booties to this look, change out your summer bag for a cross-body or clutch like the ones below, and you’ve perfectly transitioned the dress for fall.  To make this office appropriate, and for cooler days, add a pair opaque tights and a blazer.  Black or navy will work for this look.

Keep the summer shorts,, but add an off-the-shoulder sweater

Jean Shorts for Fall?

Yes, I will keep them in the rotation.  I try and stay away from jeans until the last possible second because WI is freezing for most of the year so I need to soak up the Vitamin D for as long as possible. My favorite way to make jean shorts work for fall are with a good, slouchy, off-the-shoulder sweater.   It’s a great weekend look and will keep you cool on the warmer days, but warm enough when cooler temps start to roll in.  To give it a complete fall makeover, add booties like the below, and a leather bag. I also love a sleeveless turtleneck sweater with jean shorts. This piece transitions perfectly for work or play all season long.  With either of these, when it does get cold, just add jeans.

Give your flowy top a makeover with dark jeans

Bright Boho Tops

I love the boho look right now, along with brighter colors, and let’s face it, I am not ready to wear all black yet. There will be plenty of time for that.

The top featured on the right comes in variety of colors and definitely skews summer because of the cut-out details. But this is the perfect piece to keep for fall.  Add dark jeans and cute booties to give it a fall feel.

When it get much cooler, add a jean jacket to this look in the same color as your jeans for a denim-on-denim look.  I’ve linked my favorites below.

See my top picks for fall here.

Comment below with your fall favorites.  I love hearing from you all.

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