Georgia Arnold is a Milwaukee-based style and travel influencer. She previously worked for two menswear brands where she soaked up the inner-workings of start-up life and learned to speak fluently in gingham, bengal stripe, poplin, plaid, oxfords, button downs and blazers.

After leaving her long-time home of Richmond, VA to venture to the land of cheese, beer, aka Wisconsin, she took some downtime to enjoy life with her kids, and finally got the itch to get back to business and move into a “retail” space she is extremely passionate about: women’s style. Her other passion, rivaling style, is travel.  After many years, she finally decided to take the plunge and create a site to bring together her two favorite things:  travel and style.  She hopes this blog will inspire you to travel sans fanny-packs (only Rachel Zoe can rock that look), carry-on only, and bring your personal style with you wherever you go.

about Georgia

Georgia is a mom to two girls, wife and fashion lover. She is a runner, former dancer (ballet for fun), photographer and loves to travel the world with her family, preferably somewhere warm with water, or great skiing.  She never leaves home without a hair-tie on her wrist and some form of jewelry, is obsessed with skincare, interior design, good food, great beaches, great friends, current events, her kids and good music and fun festivals.

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