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Thank you for stopping by Gloss & Harbour

Welcome!  I’m Georgia Arnold.  I started this blog as a creative outlet after moving from Richmond, VA to Milwaukee, WI.  I moved here with my husband and two girls, almost 9 and 7. Before we moved I worked full-time in marketing. Once I got to the Midwest,  I wanted something to do as a side project versus going back to work full-time. What started as a small, fun Instagram account, turned into something much bigger. I love being able to share what I am passionate about, and it has been amazing to work with so many brands and people I admire and respect. Not only do I get to work with them through the blogging world, but it’s allowed me opportunities to consult with brands on marketing, branding, and social media strategy.  The most unexpected part about this blogging journey has been the number of talented people I interact with daily. I am inspired and often left in awe of how much creative talent exists in the world.

What to expect from Gloss & Harbour

I share fashion, travel, skincare, and the occasional recipe. Like everything, this blog continues to evolve, and health, wellness, and home decor are coming soon.

I love hearing from you all so please comment or send a note with anything you want to share or see on the blog.


Georgia Arnold

For collaboration requests, rates, or business inquiries about marketing consulting services, please contact me here.

What’s In a Name

The name Gloss & Harbour was inspired by my travels to Harbour Island. “Harbour” is the “where” you are staying when you travel or how you harbour at home, e.g. to Harbour.  “Gloss” comes from the glossy side of fashion and represents all things style, inspirational and fun. My personal style is a mixed bag of classic, preppy, boho and whimsical and it depends on the day. I mix high-end pieces with quality lower-priced pieces and believe personal style is always evolving. No one shoe fits all, but I hope this blog inspires ideas for fashion, travel, and lifestyle. 

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