Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Tips for the Caring Husband

Georgia Arnold of Gloss & Harbour in a Free People gauzy floral top, ripped skinny jeans and Shop Costa vintage coin pendant necklace with a Saint Christopher’s 14k gold coin pendant.
Wearing a Shop Costa vintage coin pendant necklace. Customizable. Perfect gift.

With things a little up-in-air and life not quite as we know it, this is the time to get creative with Mother’s Day Gifts or give her something a bit more meaningful. Chances are the Mom in your life is doing quite a bit these days. For this Mother’s Day Gift Guide, I’ve gathered some classic pieces that every woman wants to own, some fun pieces that she may not buy for herself, a guide to giving her a true Palm Springs’ spa experience at home, and some little things that will make a difference, including a few pieces that the kids can give her without breaking their (piggy) bank.

Give Her an At-Home Spa Day

We may not be able to send her to the spa right now, but you can do the next best thing and bring it to her. Here’s your guide to her complete day of relaxation.

  1. Set the mood. Get a room ready—dimly lit, burn a candle. Have the latest magazines on hand-—Vogue Cosmo, etc.
  2. Have the kids bring her spa water (distilled water with cucumber, lemon, line and mint) ready, hand her the waffle robe to put on; they are the best robes invented.
  3. Peel time. If you are up for it, and really want to make her day, apply the enzyme peel for her. This is from one of the top skincare lines. This one is used to get rid of dead skin and brighten.
  4. Next, use the phyto masque to restore skin’s balance and increase moisture.
  5. Body scrub is next. Either scrub will work. Pick your scent.
  6. Time for a tub soak and her favorite champagne.
  7. Lunch time. Hand her the spa wrap towel and have a light spa salad ready for lunch. Serve more champagne and spa water.
  8. Post-lunch hydro gel mask. This mask is made by a top skincare line that has developed some of the best skincare products. Typically, carried at high-end spas, it will leave her face radiant, plump and moisturized. (Hyaluronic acid holds 1000x’s its weight in water.)
  9. Apply a few drops of the serum to her face, let her put her feet up a little longer, do not ask her what’s for dinner, where she put the toilet paper, or where Johnny’s underwear is, and she’ll be glowing and relaxed.

Top Left to right: 1. Saint Laurent Patti Large Straw Tote 2. Big Chain Flip Flop 3. Dior Spirit Sunglasses 4. Floral Long Caftan 5. Pucci Graphic Print Beach Dress 6. Pucci Psychedelic-Inspired Patterned Scarf 7. My Window Medium Leather Tote 8. Le Chapeau Valensole Raffia Hat Middle 2nd row: 9. Pucci Printed Sarong

Bring Her the Beach

Beaches may still be closed, but you can arm her with the poshest pieces so she can do backyard beaching the right way. The epitome of beach chic is anything Emilio Pucci. The brightly colored prints are a little slice of happiness. If she likes full coverage, a caftan is still one of the coolest styles to wear, for something short & flowy, the beach dress is a great option, or if she prefers more of the skirt look, a sarong is the perfect gift. We’ve all got the giant pool bags to haul everything, but the kitchen sink. When she can finally take the girls’ trip, give her a tote she will want to be seen with, along with a cute pair of sandals, Jackie O, style sunglasses and full-coverage, chic hat. Add a scarf tied around the tote for her to make it more personalized.

Top Left to right: 1. Shop Costa Vintage Saint Christopher Necklace 2. Monkey Pajamas 3. Hearts Loungewear 4. UGG Slippers 5. Letterpress Stationery 6. Mini Space Earrings 7. Elago Leather Airpods Case 8. Pura Vida Bracelet Stack Middle 2nd row: 9. Elago Airpods Hanging Case

It’s the Little Things

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. Not everything has to be super expensive to be meaningful. Shop Costa is a Chicago-based designer than has nailed little, meaningful things. Her delicate pendant necklaces are made with vintage charms sourced from all over Europe. She uses 14kt gold and sterling silver. These can be mixed and matched based on the Mom. If she loves to travel, pendant’s featured above have a Saint Christoper vintage pendant. He is the patron saint of travel and children. There are many to choose from and they will customize.

From the kids, the airpod cases are $20 and under. If she is on the go, these are great so she can attach them to her keys and won’t lose them. The Pura Vida bracelets are a cute, fun gift to give from the kids that can wear all summer to the pool (we hope). Since we have been staying in a bit more, the perfect pair of pajamas is a great gift, and Roller Rabbit has nailed pj quality. Add in house slippers and you’re set. The Mini Space earrings are similar to a love knots and a sweet gift for someone that likes modern classic pieces.

Top Left: 1. Miss Sicily Medium shoulder bag 2. Mini Estelle Crossbody – Saffron 3. Jasmin Bag – Mahogany 2nd row, left: 4. YSL Classic Monogram quilted leather shoulder bag 5. GG Marmont Mini shoulder bag 6. Neema Bag-Tortoise 3rd row, left: 7. Banu Bag – Hibiscus Multi 8. Bibi Top Handle – Sand 9. Hourglass S Leather Tote

When She Finally Ditches the Diaper Bag

After about 12-15 months of carrying a diaper bag, almost every mother I know wants to torch said bag. It does not matter if it is the Louis Vuitton she swore was the only tote she would ever need. Ever. It needs to go and in its place, a quality bag that’s fun and also slightly frivolous is a good replacement. After all, she’s been lugging diapers, formula, baby food, Destin, outfit changes, toys, books, and anything else that gets thrown in there around for months. If something accidentally hits the bottom of that bag, good luck getting it back.

Time to give her something that lets her be a person again, not just “Mooooommmmy.” If she likes classic styles 4, 5 or 9 are great choices. All three are timeless styles and pieces she can hold onto forever. They really won’t go out of style. The pink is also more classic if she is more girly. For the Mom with a fun personality, who likes color, 7 is a great option. If she is preppy, but still modern, 6 is a great choice. The tortoise keeps skews preppy, but the style is modern.

Top Left to right: 1. La Grande Classique de Longines Bracelet Watch, 24mm 2 Simple Obsessions Circle Pendant Necklace 3. 18kt Yellow Gold Solari Diamond and Pearl cuff 4. DolceVita Bracelet Watch, 23mm x 37mm 5. Chatelaine® Ring with Semiprecious Stone and Diamonds 6. Dante’s Shadow 24kt gold-plated bronze earrings with baroque pearls 7. 18kt Gold Reef Bangle 8. Cici Rose 18kt gold and sterling silver linked rings Middle 2nd row: Small Circle Pendant

Because It’s 10 Months, not Nine

There is a time and a place for a Mom to receive something a little bit higher-end and something she will keep for years to come. Mother’s Day, the birth of a baby, push present, and anniversaries are the best times to give them. A link watch is literally timeless and classic. A gorgeous stone ring, a pearl cuff or circle pendant all make memorable and beautiful gifts. If she likes thing that are a little bit edgier, but still made with semi-precious metals, the ring stack, pearl drop earrings or reef cuff are great choices.

Still searching? Click here for a few more ideas.

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