And if Saranghae means love in Korean, I guess their brand really means you never need to apologize for having great skin. Alright, a bit of a stretch, but I have tried A LOT of products in my day, and most of them contained some type of chemical. I do love my glycolic acids, ladies. They just keep you fresh and youthful, but I will tell you, I used Love Saranghae in the darkest days of winter in Wisconsin. A year ago in December.  I sincerely thought my skin was going to look 25 years older by Spring. And, well, it kind of did.  It took months to get it back under control.

This year was different. Love Saranghee sent me a box of their top products, and I used them for three months, and I am still using the night cream daily. I saw marked improvement in the moisture level of my skin. I saw less overall wrinkles after using the products and my skin actually seemed to glow post-usage.  Mind you, this was over a three month period. Typically I change up my skin care regimen on a semi-daily basis based on what my skin looks like: dry, oily, adult acne breakout, etc., but I was steadfast with these products and I am so happy I tried them.

The science behind this growing brand is all about using a type of mushroom to combat damage, heal and protect your skin. It worked.  The products also use a combination of ginseng, Coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant, and of course, Hylaronic Acid- the mother of all acids, used to essentially lock in moisture into your skin at 1000 times its weight water. What does this really mean: moisturized, glowing, youthful skin. Voila. I’ll take it.

Out of all the products, I loved the Deep Radiance Serum & Elemental Essence Mask most. I am a sucker for serums, but theirs was different because it actually rejuvenated my skin.  Their face mask, not featured in photos because, well, I used them all, are in fact the best travel companions you can ever get your hands on. If you are a frequent traveler then you know how bad your skin suffers on a plane. You might as well go into a smoke-infested den on lock-down for three days because that’s the impact a plane seems to have on your skin. You just look old and haggard after traveling, but these masks were my saviors. They helped restore moisture and lock it in.

Overall, my review on this brand, scale of 1-10, it gets a 9. I can’t do a 10 because that would mean it took away every single wrinkle on my face- it did not, but it certainly helped improve the texture and radiance.

About Saranghae

Saranghae is an award-winning Korean 5 Step Anti-Aging skin care routine that heals, regenerates and protects your skin. Saranghae’s focus on natural ingredients, highly effective products, and excellence in customer service has helped them become the fastest growing Korean skin care brand in the United States.

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