How to Wear White Jeans for Fall and Winter

How to Wear White Jeans for Fall and Winter. Wear white jeans with darker contrasting pieces to give the look a fall and winter upgrade.
All-white outfit with a blazer and brown knee-high boots for fall and winter.

It has taken me about 20 years to get behind the year-round white jeans’ trend, but there is something so chic about white jeans paired with crisp fall and winter pieces. When you think about how to wear white jeans for fall and winter, the first tip, don’t overthink it. Just do it.

Nobody is going to come after you for bucking this wardrobe rule that your grandmother told you was a must. But, there are a few key things to keep in mind to pull this look off and make it seasonally appropriate.

No. 1 Rule for Wearing White Jeans into Fall and Winter

Make sure you add darker, contrasting pieces to the look. That can be shoes, a bag, a belt, a sweater, or a blazer.

I chose to give an all-white look a fall makeover. I added chocolate brown knee-high boots and a darker bag along with a blazer and a belt for contrast. All the pieces I have on are linked below.

Shop the Look

Since the blazer is a lighter plaid, I went with the dark chocolate boots and bag. If I was wearing a navy sweater, a camel-colored boot and accessories would be great choices. The key is to balance out the look with one or two dark, contrasting pieces. I’ve linked some great fall classic pieces below.

Get the Look

You can still wear neutrals and white jeans. There is something incredibly chic about a camel-colored or oatmeal sweater with white jeans, but make sure to add at least one standalone darker contrasting element to tie the look together.

Mix in Fall and Winter Pieces

If you are wearing white jeans in fall or winter, make sure you bring in some fall and winter pieces. You want the look to have that cold-weather polish. As much as you may want to bust out the boho top you wore all summer, now is not that time. Wear your white jeans with crewneck sweaters, a blazer, or a moto jacket. That will tie the look together perfectly and even the biggest no-white-after-Labor-Day-rule-follower likely won’t have much to say.

Get the Look

This is not to say you can’t add in a summer piece here or there. If you are going out for cocktails, a lace cami that you wore all summer long is perfectly acceptable if styled with a winter piece to balance the look.

Keep It Classic

I have always loved fun, trendy pieces as much as the next girl, but when you are going against a traditional fashion rule, wearing white jeans with more structured, or more classic pieces, will make the look feel more like an intended style statement versus an accident. Wearing a turtleneck sweater, cashmere crewneck sweater, or a blazer if you have on a t-shirt, are perfect compliments to white jeans. Add a pair of contrasting booties to the mix and your look will be complete.

Get the Look

Of course, I am definitely a fan of a leather jacket with white jeans and actually shared a look here, but if you mix in a trendier item like that, add a classic element, like a sweater for balance.

Find Your Fit

No doubt about it, white jeans can be the most unforgiving articles of clothing in a wardrobe. Right up there with unitards and grey leggings. If you find a pair you love, I highly recommend buying more than one pair since they do need to be replaced once every two years, if you are lucky enough not to destroy them in a month or two.

My personal favorite brands and styles are Polo Ralph Lauren Tompkins Skinny jeans (middle). They have a little bit of stretch, but not so much that you will lose the fit. Paige Verdugo, (left), and J. Brand’s fare jeans (far right). All three work across body types and seem to be universally flattering.

One brand that a few of my fashionista friends swear by that I have not personally worn is Mother denim. I have heard nothing, but great things and they have several pairs of cute white jeans you can style into fall.

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