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Gather Branding works with boutique lifestyle brands to help define the brand’s message and visual strategy, develop comprehensive content plans, plan and execute lifestyle and product photography shoots, and develop cross-channel strategic marketing plans.

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Case Study

Gather Branding began working with Hampton Road Designs in 2020. Hampton Road Designs is a lifestyle accessories brand based in Austin, TX. They have a strong wholesale business but needed to improve their online experience for consumers to increase e-commerce sales.

We partnered with Hampton Road Designs to create a 2020 Holiday Campaign that included a full website revamp from the visual content, messaging strategy to a lifestyle photography shoot and email campaign.

In just under four weeks, we completed a full lifestyle shoot, concepted the campaign, and relaunched the site. Hampton Road Designs saw a 325% increase in sales year-over-year for the months of November and December, a 121% increase in the average order value, a 132% increase in online store conversion rate, and 88% increase in total orders. Direct traffic was up 405% with an increase in all online store sessions by all traffic sources.

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