Leaving on a jet plane (but I know when I’ll be back again…). Going on a quick trip to the land of Danes and Swedes, extraordinarily tall, and more than above-average looking people, so I was once told by my Swedish friend (insert wink; I am certain she is telling the truth!)  I have never been to Scandinavia, and from what I can tell, it looks absolutely beautiful.  I can’t wait to share all the details and photos from my trip with you all when I get back.

I finished packing late last night. While, I love traveling, I am not the biggest fan of packing, but hey, I need to have clothes so it’s a necessary evil, right?  I don’t typically check luggage, which means thinking through every article I am bringing. It’s a little arduous, but in the end, if I miss a flight, I can easily hop on another since I am carry-on kind of girl, and I never have to worry about my luggage not making it. Bonus!

The weather in Denmark and Sweden is on the cooler side right now, and looks more like early fall, which means layers, more shoes and jackets and things you would not need in the dead of summer.  Basically: you need more stuff. But, I have some go-tos for traveling at this time of year and I’ve shared them in the below lookbook.  These staples can take you through to mid-October for travel in Europe, New England, and the Midwest (we really are more than fly-over states…come visit). Happy Travels!

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