You guys ready for the last summer hoorah? I am tearing up.  No really. I am mentally bracing myself for this Wisconsin winter. It’s long. That said, one last time to wear white, legally by my grandmother’s standards, and enjoy the sun before fall gets under way.

Found this cute whimsical top that is so perfect for this weekend and through September. It has all the bells (sleeves) and whistles. Off-the-shoulder, check. Fun print, check. Bell sleeves, check. Tie, check.  Paired it with white distressed denim and these great blue shoes, which are perfect year-round. I am still in shock that Wal Mart has the same shoes I got at Sak’s, but apparently they are stepping up to the shoe game, and I for one can get behind well-priced style.

Wearing my go-to white tassel earrings. I am still obsessed, but willing to trade these in for the black ones, which I will wear on repeat all fall and winter. Added a very simple cuff that I have been adding to every arm party, and a delicate diamond necklace that adds more than you would think. Sometimes less is more! (Hmm, I feel like every guy I know has said that at some point, don’t you?)

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