Confession: I might be a little, teeny, weeny bit ready to get back to school schedules, but I am not at all ready to give up the sunshine, blue skies and warm weather. That said, I know fall is just around the corner (I can feel it in the air…I have ESPN) so I’ve rounded up my top five transition pieces.


I think I was living under a rock because all-the-sudden, oversized cardigans are everywhere, and I love them. They are so cozy, and you can wear them year-round.  Wear them now for cooler nights at the beach, lake or river, paired with a cami and destroyed denim shorts, and into fall with jeans and booties; keep the cami, and over summer dresses.  Wear these to work instead of a blazer with heels, skinny pants and a button down to give your fall work wardrobe a more relaxed feel before the months of structured winter clothing hit.

What to look for: neutral colors like blush (super flattering on everyone), grey or oatmeal to transition year-round, sleeves with a bit of drape, like the Free People sweater pictured right, and texture.  I like a mid-size weave that allows for more versatility and can take you from beach to work.

Statement Tops

They are here to stay, and why wouldn’t they be? Fun and flattering:  sign me up.   I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites with three distinct styles.  These are perfect now with white jeans, or white jeans shorts for the end of summer, and  throw on destroyed boy-jeans or skinny ankle jeans and heels for a night out in the fall. Because they all have some type of sleeve, they are great to get you through most of October without a jacket.

What to look for: go big or go home, right?  Interesting sleeves details, a unique pattern and most importantly, something you are going to love and feel comfortable wearing.  For pattern, I typically think of gingham as a go-to summer pattern for girls, but men wear it year-round, so why not, plus I love the one-shoulder look of the top right.  I included the star-patterned top because whimsical is a trend for fall. You are going to see flowers, birds, polka dots and stars on everything from moto jackets to bags so give it a try.


If you do not own a cami in black, navy, and white, add them now. It’s a year-round essential, but it’s the perfect summer top with shorts, skirt or destroyed denim and heels for an easy chic look, and an absolute layering necessity under a chunky cardigan sweater, a blazer, or moto jacket for fall.  You can’t go wrong pairing them with anything from shorts and a blazer, to tulle skirts, or denim and a moto jacket.

What to look for: basic colors first, and then add in pops of red and lighter blues, a flowy fit that can drape over pants and jeans, and good price point. You can spend a lot on a cami, but there are so many retailers out there that make them, you don’t need to. My favorites are J.Crew, Top Shop and H&M.  H&M has camis for $4.99 and they are better than almost everything else I have seen.  J. Crew tends to have the basic+ camis with a little added detail, which is worth spending more on; especially, if it’s a fun color like the red for fall.  Top Shop has lots of color variety and they last.


My adult onesie obsession is going strong.  They look good on everyone, and who doesn’t love an outfit that is one piece. It’s far less work when you are getting dressed, right?  Wear the short sleeve rompers now and then add a moto jacket for nights out in fall. Wear the long-sleeve rompers on their ownthrough fall, but change the shoe from open-toe to a bootie.

What to look for: fit, fit, fit- that’s it. I included my favorite romper of all-time by Ramy Brook (it’s not a steal, but it’s worth every penny), a bold red one from H&M that’s $29. Not only is red a top color for fall, this one is a little show-stopper.  I added two pattered rompers that are flattering and fun to get you through early cooler nights when you do not want to wear a jacket.

Solid Color Dresses

While I love a good pattern in tops and rompers, with dresses, I go for solid colors when entering fall so I can add layers and easily transition from strappy sandals to booties or a peep-toe pump. I’ve picked out four dresses that are super cute and will work on their own through at least September, and are perfect worn with a blazer, chunky sweater, denim or moto jacket.

What to look for: minimal sleeve detail, transitional colors like blush and black, and/or casual fabrics that can be paired with a sweater and booties like the BCBG dress show right.  For dresses like these, I look for quality, and don’t mind spending a little more because I know I will wear it on repeat, like a uniform, but with various other pieces to give it a new look.


These are a few of top denim pairings  to go with statement tops, oversized cardigans, and camis.. Disclaimer: I cannot get enough of 7 for All Mankind denim. I never used to be a fan of this line, but apparently while I was chasing denim dreams, they mastered the perfect fit with their blend of fabrics that stretch perfectly to give you a case of the skinnies. Who doesn’t love feel-good denim? My other favorite is Paige denim. When white jeans make you look skinny, that is a WIN because let’s face it, good white jeans are like mythical creatures.

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