There is nothing chicer than a Little White Jumpsuit and I have been in search of a great one for a few years.  Serious confession:  I think (I know) it started when Taylor Swift wore one: she rocked it, but finding the perfect one has been a challenge because they were always too tight, too white, too thin or too fabricless in all the wrong places.

The above is by Ramy Brook.  Her chic style has become a personal favorite over the last few years. All of her pieces are timeless, effortless and flattering.  Her white jumpsuit is no different.   I love the fit and casual elegance of this one. It drapes perfectly and can easily take you from afternoon to evening. I’ve styled it with some more casual pieces: fun tassel earrings for a pop of color (p.s. these can be worn three ways), and one layer from the below necklace, along with some vintage gold bangles, and a delicate engravable necklace.

With the price-tag (just under $500), it’s a 100% splurge, but it’s like a good pair of jeans: you can keep it on repeat because it’s so simple and allows for many styling options. The bonus: it’s actually winter white so you can wear this year-round from cocktail parties, to that upcoming white party, and through to the holiday season.  I know we are still in summer, but sometimes this kind of rationalizing is necessary…(good jeans, just keep thinking good jeans). To note, it fits true to size, it’s lined and it was made for long legs; anyone under 5’11 will need a little alteration.

I found ten other jumpsuits that are super cute, and included them below.  These are priced starting at $12 and up, with a range of styles and fit.  There are a lot of bolder white options out there with lace details and dramatic accents, but I’ve kept the ones below a bit more minimalist so you can wear it for years to come.

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