I have to confess, as much I would love an Apple watch, let’s face it, I am already addicted to my phone. If someone stole it, I’d probably break out in hives in ten seconds (on the longer side) so I do not need it attached to my wrist (it’s already attached to my hip).  But I do need a watch so I am not late for everything. Something about having kids makes you appreciate the value of time- yours and others, and being late is no longer an option so living without a watch is not one either.

Jord Watches was kind enough to let me hand-pick my favorite watch from their gorgeous  collection of wooden watches.   I chose a women’s watch in walnut with rose gold details; the Cassia.  To say I love it is an understatement.   The color and style of this watch is unique, and feminine. It has a slightly oversized face that pairs well with a fun arm party, and the rose gold is such warm color that it makes a beautiful statement on its own as well. I’ve been wearing it with everything since I got it. (See above looks here.) 

I love these timepieces for a holiday gifting. A lot of people do not wear watches anymore, but there is something charming about putting down your phone and using your watch to the tell the time. Stop the presses, watches are still a thing…For women, there are a ton to choose from ranging from a subtle, simple maple watch to a one with a turquoise face for the girl that wants to make a little statement. You can see all of them here, but I’ve linked my personal favorites below.

For the men in your life, I have my favorites and I’ve checked in with a few guys I know, with discerning taste, to get their take on these and find out which ones they love. And, no surprise, they loved them all.  I did hear a number of guys say they would never wear a black watch (never say never).  When they saw my favorite picks (all black, minus one), they were impressed.  These watches are masculine, cool and look good with everything.  A lot of people associate silver and gold bands with high-end time pieces, but the black wooden watch is effortlessly stylish and the perfect thing to get the guy who has everything. My top picks are below, but you can see the whole collection here.

I’ve picked out my top three favorites for men and women, and psst, you all get 25% off these watches.  Click HERE to redeem your code. Happy Holidays! 

Top Women’s Picks

Top Men’s Picks

Wooden Wrist Watch

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