Guess what? I’ve been wearing this oversized cardigan since August. I know, August?  What?  Well, when you live in WI, near Lake Michigan, aka the thing that creates the most unpredictable weather- ever,  you need a sweater on hand year-round. But, it’s officially sweater season, and I will be wearing every cozy cardigan I can get my hands on until I am standing in at least one foot of snow and have to pull out the down parka. Okay, let’s be honest, the parka is probably coming out this weekend. Sigh…Wisconsin.

For the rest of the world, oversized cardigans will work as a great outer layer through November, and they are the best staple to have around to give your look an easy, chic finish. I tend to keep my outer layers more neutral; gray, camel, tan, so they can be worn multiple times, over various looks from the all black as shown above, to bold pops of color.  I love to add a cardigan to a cute mini skirt and turtleneck, jeans and a graphic tee, or over a pencil skirt and button down.  I also love them paired with a dressier look, like a sequins skirt and cami to tone it down just a notch so it works for dinner out, evening cocktails, or for the bolder ladies out there, the office.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below, and included the one I am wearing to the right.  The necklace I have on is shoppable here.

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